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Ages of learners

This app is no longer in service.

Allows teachers & students to quickly ask & answer each other's questions with text & their own videos. This FREE app turns each iPad into a whiteboard that can record voice & visuals for instant classroom sharing.

Ideal for K-12 teachers & students with iPads.

  • Students can answer each other’s questions before asking the teacher
  • Provide an open forum for discussion in an iPad classroom
  • Create quick visual lessons, and narrate as you go
  • A valuable assessment tool – understand what students know and don't know
  • Encourage your students to give constructive feedback and praise
  • Collaborate with your students through sets of video conversations
  • Easily get your point across on visual problems (math, science, physics)
  • Visually explain photos, sentence structure, and more in social studies, art, foreign language and English
  • Help with homework even when you're not in class
  • See what students are struggling with & personalize your teaching
  • Teach it once, and share with the class via screencast
  • Fill knowledge gaps for your students
  • Easy-to-use teacher app for a flipped classroom


  • Write explanations freehand or type in text
  • Make your own drawings with the pen tool in multiple color choices
  • Quickly draw attention with popular symbols (arrows, circles, lines, and more)
  • Undo/Redo tools make editing easy
  • Delete comments & videos you no longer need
  • Dynamic timeline makes it easy to see questions & comments
  • Use educational photos & pictures from your iPad or take your own photos with the built-in camera
  • Secure classroom app only shares videos & comments within the class


  • Free tech support
  • Superior sharing & collaboration compared to competitors
  • From the creators of Coach's Eye & Screenchomp
  • TechSmith has been working with educators for 25 years


Compatible with iPad.


Steven Rentz

Information Technology Specialist at National Cathedral School

Monday, July 07, 2014

No longer available :(

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