– Learn anatomy with 3D models, quizzes, articles and more

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Description unlocks the world of human anatomy. Explore every muscle, bone, and organ! Study interactive 3D models, articles, and quizzes that extend each other. An all-in-one platform for an efficient way to learn and understand anatomy. Keeping your learning focused for a strong foundation for your medical career.

Information designed for medical students to better understand human anatomy:
– Step-by-step
Understand each anatomical category in manageable bits
– Color-coding
Matching 3D models, illustrations, and text
– Annotations
Every bit of the human body fully annotated
– Unlimited navigation
Use interactive models to explore anatomy from any angle


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July 25, 2023 is great for learning human anatomy. There is a vast collection of 3D models of every human body part and interesting and extensive articles to go with them. Everything is very clear and easy to follow. The quizzes serve as a great tool for memorization and repetition. Definitely a tool to have in every dedicated med student’s box. The subscription is surely worth the price.