Anatomy 4D


4D Anatomy allows viewers to understand and interact with complex information with unprecedented ease, speed, and depth. Visually stunning and completely interactive, augmented reality is the perfect vehicle for 21st century education.

4D Anatomy takes viewers inside the human body via a simple-to-use 3-dimensional learning environment. Perfect for use in the classroom, or anytime.

How to Use 4D Anatomy:

  1. Download the 4D Anatomy App from the Apple Appstore.
  2. Once the app has downloaded onto the device, tap the app to open it.
  3. Print Target using AirPrint
    Tap“Options” in upper left hand corner
    Tap “Print”
    Tap “Select Printer”
    Select the printer nearest you
    Select number of copies to print
    Press “Print”
  4. Lay Target on flat surface with sufficient lighting
  5. Point device at Target and model should populate
  6. Zooming In and Out
    Place two fingers on device
    “Pinching” will cause the model to zoom out
    “Pulling” will cause the model to zoom in
  7. Changing the model
    Tap “Options” in top left hand corner
    Tap “Male” or “Female” to switch genders
    Tap “Close” to close the “options” tab


Plan Price Details
Anatomy 4D Free This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.