Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark, a web application with companion iOS apps, is the easiest way to create and share impactful, visual stories.

Spark lets you create three types of content:

  • Use Page to create a story using text, images, and video. When you’re done we’ll present your story as a responsive web page that can be viewed in any web browser.
  • Use Post to create images optimized for social media; you provide images and text and we’ll help with the design. We’ll even help you create the right shape and size image for each social media platform.
  • Use Video to create, well, a video. We give you access to icons and images or use your own, add your voice and background music, and we’ll turn your story into a video ready to share with the world.

You can create individual Pages, Posts, and Videos, or you can use the formats together (including a Post image in a Video, or a Video in a Page, you get the idea).

Why “Spark?” To us, the name represents that small thing that can ignite something much bigger. Our tools are simple, but they can make you look pro.

Maybe you want to create fresh online twists on classic content types like flyers, brochures, or presentations. Or maybe you’re looking to share trending forms of communication like memes, magazine-style blog posts, or explainer videos. Adobe Spark lets you do all that and more from one easy-to-use online dashboard.

We’ve made it easy for literally anyone to create three different kinds of content: social media posts and graphics, web stories, and animated videos. All you need is something to say and Adobe magic will take care of the rest with killer animation and beautiful designs to help bring your stories to life.


Plan Price Details
Adobe Spark Free Adobe Spark, both the website and the supporting iOS apps, are free. Yep, we said FREE!


Elementary Teacher
July 21, 2018

I use it to create overviews of content for my students, to create content for my google site, as my learning journal and as a tool for students.

Teacher/ student
April 10, 2018

For Online presentations, the students use it for projects. It captures their voice, their writing and pictures.

Blended Learning Coordinator
September 4, 2016

This is an excellent tool that is is easy for students to create high quality video content. Highly recommended.