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Actively Learn is digital reading platform that gets students reading closely. With Actively Learn, educators can get their students to think more, write more, and collaborate while they reading.

We want students to love reading.

That is why we are building the best ereader for students. For too many, reading simply is not as educational and rewarding as it should be. We are working to reinvent reading so that students understand and remember what they read, build connections between texts and build knowledge. Our software helps teachers use great texts to promote deep learning and helps students explore texts to actively construct knowledge.

As a company, we want to help students learn, think, and become people who do great things. We are optimistic about what thinking young people can accomplish and we look forward to the world they will build.


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November 19, 2020

This digital tool is great for ELA practice because it helps readers slow down and digest the material that they are reading. The site contains numerous articles and pieces of reading material for students and teachers to choose from. Once an article is chosen, students are guided through the material through a series of text dependent questions, examples, reflections, and vocabulary assistance. One of the major strengths of this tool is that it lets teachers know the lexical measure of the text and grade level recommendations which will assist in choosing the appropriate articles for students. Teachers can even select which lexile level they are searching for and narrow down choices to meet the appropriate standards.

By having students utilize this digital tool to increase their reading literacy they will also be enhancing their digital and informational literacy skills. Today’s world requires people to be able to locate, comprehend, and analyze information from the web constantly. Adults need to have the skills to evaluate this information for accuracy and relevancy (Kohsrow-Pour, 2236). ActivelyLearn helps students enhance these skills by requiring students to pause periodically throughout each article to reflect upon and/or answer questions about the validity, authenticity, purpose, and comprehension of the piece.

While having students read articles is helpful and important, for the purpose of ELA it would be beneficial to include a larger catalog of works of fiction. This may be located on the premium version but the free edition is somewhat limited.

September 27, 2013

Actively Learn is a great reading platform to engage with my student inside their reading assignments. I especially like that I can embed questions and notes in the text so as to guide reading and learning. I find my students much more active and collaborative when their assignments are given in Actively Learn.

It’s fun too!