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Independent research found kids learnt nine times as fast using PocketPhonics compared to a lesson in a classroom (see

Letter sounds. Handwriting. First words. PocketPhonics teaches all three. Kids, parents and teachers love it. That’s why it’s a best-seller.

Aimed at kids aged between 3 and 6, and using the best ‘phonics’ teaching techniques, PocketPhonics introduces kids to each of the key letter sounds. As they learn the sounds, the app guides them how to write each letter through its unique follow-me arrow making it easy to learn how to correctly form letters. There’s nothing else like it in the app store.

Designed with and tested by teachers

Only PocketPhonics follows the ‘Synthetic phonics’ teaching method – the keystone of the “Reading First” part of the “No Child Left Behind Act”.

To understand the best educational practice underpinning PocketPhonics, order the FREE GUIDE to teaching kids to read from the app.

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Letter sounds

Simply put, phonics (letter sounds) help children learn to read by understanding the sounds that letters make. The Congressionally-mandated National Reading Panel concludes that “children who have phonics instruction read better and spell better than other children”.

Letter sounds (how we say the letters when we use them in words) are not the same as the letter names (what we call the letters). Montessori & other experts recommend not including letter names when teaching letter sounds as it can confuse children by introducing too much at once. PocketPhonics focuses solely on letter sounds so children can learn to read more quickly. (See our DotToDot numbers & letters for letter names and alphabetical order).

PocketPhonics teaches the sounds for all the letters in the alphabet plus over 30 letter sounds like ‘sh’ and ‘ch’, because they are key to reading so many frequently-used words.

Letter writing

PocketPhonics visually demonstrates how to write each letter. Children enjoy practicing their writing by following the on-screen arrow tracing the letter with their finger (Montessori kids learn first to trace letters with their fingers). PocketPhonics works with iPhone-compatible styluses.

PocketPhonics will also check the accuracy of your child’s writing.

170 First words

Using a unique, “letter sounds make words” spelling game, children learn how to sound out and spell over 170 frequently used words.

PocketPhonics puts you in control

Using the app, you can:

  • Customise it to the needs of your child through its wide range of settings (e.g. lowercase, uppercase, or cursive letters; two popular handwriting styles like those taught in most US schools)
  • Get help


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abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words $2.99 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.