We don't care how well you lecture. We don't care how well you engage us. We aren't impressed by your fancy slide transitions or your interactive whiteboard. We care how well you perplex us.

Can you perplex us? Can you show us something that'll make us wonder a question so intensely we'll do anything to figure out the answer, including listen to your lecture or watch your slides? Here's one way to find out. Upload a photo or a video. Find out how many of us get bored and skip it. Find out how many of us get perplexed and ask a question.

Then figure out what you're going to do to help us answer it.


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August 30, 2012

This is a great "thinking warm up tool." Sometimes my kids just don't feel like engaging, and you really have no choice using 101questions. It's not a difficult warm-up, like a puzzle or other critical thinking exercise; it just gets the wheels turning a bit.

It's basically a series of pictures and videos, and the student enters the first question that comes to mind.

This is great for the perfectionist student who hesitates to answer questions because they are afraid of being wrong. There is no right or wrong answer to this; in fact, the student doesn't enter answers, they answer questions. This application gives them some room and some freedom to open up and share.

I don't know that it is highly educational; but it does help with thinking and sharing habits.