An integrated learning plan (37 tools)

integrated curriculum Science Mathematics Writing Reading Creating Interest-based learning Project teaching

This is a collection of digital tools that, together, support an integrated learning programme based on the concept of TIME. The learning plan was developed based on students’ learning needs and the tools were selected to help meet these needs.
Categories related to time include: time lapse (photography), managing time (self-management), telling the time, timing in music, physics (time & space), history. Associated skills learning include: reading, writing, collaboration, producing, curating, key ideas, critical thinking and analysis, investigations, debates, thinking as a Scientist, Mathematician, Author, etc. Tools are provided to support Sandra Kaplan’s principles of ‘Depth & Complexity’ learning and UDL principles to ensure that all students have access to the learning and are able to produce quality outcomes. NB Not all tools in this collection are free.

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