Mrs. Megan Sullivan

Director of Guidance at Valley Forge Military Academy


A super nice member!

I teach: Guidance

To ages: 12 to 19


July 13, 2016

As Director of Guidance, PowerSchool is a tool that helps me manage all of my students and faculty in a single package. I am able to store all data and notes pertinent to a particular student, as well as be confident that appropriate information is also available to faculty, parents, and students through their portals.

Among the many strengths of the tool, PowerSchool is seamless and efficient offering a great amount of detail with a few simple clicks. For example, when a student is struggling in a class, I am easily able to look further than the numerical grade to see how it is being calculated to quickly identify if the problem is coming from a lack of understanding, a lack of assignment completion, or another issue all together. I can easily locate data concerning any particular student 24/7 from my home or my office.

We have made some minor customizations by adding buttons, alerts, and some custom screens that help us to categorize and store information unique our school. The ability to make minor changes like this to the out-of-the-box tool make it easy to create a customized resource that works best for our unique school.

I would recommend PowerSchool to colleagues, it is easy to learn, effective, and customizable.