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February 18, 2014

Challenges I face in my classroom…
1. Are the students understanding what I am teaching?
2. Which students are getting it? Which students are not getting it?
3. How much time do I need to spend on a topic?
4. Does silence mean, “yes, I get it?” or “I’m overwhelmed and lost?”

Introducing Geddit…an amazingly simple tool that allows you to instantly collect feedback from your class not only about whether they are able to get the right answer or not, but more importantly about whether they think they understand the content. How confident are your students? Does their confidence level match with their ability to answer a question?

I have found Geddit to be a powerful tool that engages my students and provides the opportunity for specific formative feedback throughout a lesson. I can deploy a “Quick Question” on the fly, or design a “Lesson” to use during lecture, discussion, lab, or activity. I am able to make decisions about the progress of my lesson in real time. Do I need to slow down and give another example? Are the students already comfortable with a topic and ready to move on?

I teach high school and my students are not always open to sharing how they feel about the content or if they have questions. By giving them an opportunity to respond individually through the Geddit interface, I have found my students to be very expressive.

My favorite aspect of Geddit, which sets it apart from other “clicker” tools, is the opportunity to teach metacognition. Data is collected and can be referenced and analyzed throughout the course. Teaching my students how to determine what they know and how they learn is invaluable. My goal is to help them become lifelong learners, prepared for college and beyond.

Geddit is a tool that creates teachable moments. I am able to collect data from every student in the room and provide clarification through another example, direct feedback, encouragement, and/or move on to the next topic to maintain engagement. In addition, we can talk about learning, processing information, and understanding about knowing content. The staff at Geddit are so responsive as well, which makes it easy for any teacher to get started knowing that they will find support and encouragement. They are very open to feedback and continue to develop the tool so that it provides a maximum benefit.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried Geddit you need to…then ask your students what they think. I was overwhelmed by my students’ positive response to this tool and how the tool enhanced their focus and confidence.