Mrs. Becki Laurent

Owner, private music school at The Music Studio


A super nice member!

I teach ages: 1 to 22+


This app is on every iPad in the school and used regularly. Every 30 minutes between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm. This is a WONDERFUL tool for teachers, parents and, of course, STUDENTS!

I love that the app is logically sequential and appropriate for a beginner. I love EVEN more that advanced students can “test up” until they find their level! I love that new content is added all the time. I love the ease of use. I love that each student has his/her own profile. I love that even a 3 year old gets it and can be taught to play. I love the exercises because they make the necessary tedium FUN! I love that THERE ARE NO CABLES, NO MIDI CARDS, and NO SOUND CARD COMPATIBILITY ISSUES! I love that IT MAKES KIDS SMARTER!

I guess now is a good time to say I LOVE PIANO MANIA!

I would absolutely not recommend it to a colleague because I want it to be my OWN secret weapon. But I heartily and often recommend it to parents, grandparents, FB friends, twitter friends, band directors, orchestra directors, vocalists and pretty much anyone who stands still! This is the kind of app that I will do every thing I can to get it into the hands of every child I come into contact with because its’ that good!