Ms. Meghan Cannon-Johann



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I teach: All Subjects

To ages: 10 to 12


January 2, 2014

Geddit is an easy tool to use for instant feedback and differentiation that alleviates a student’s anxiety about sharing their answers publicly.

From my perspective, having the immediate data was awesome. I could instantly who needed help or how I could pull small groups for intervention. It was great having their names right there to see and the responses were available instantaneously. I definitely need to practice smoothly going from notes or the lesson to checking for understanding, but I am sure the more I use the program, the easier that would be. I also like the fact that I can now make sure that I can make responding “mandatory,” which is sometimes impossible with choral responses.

The overall data results are awesome. Very easy to read and well organized. After seeing the final results, I realized that I could easily create questions for the end of the lesson as a “mini-quiz,” which I would certainly do next time. There are so many possibilities.