Mrs. Sandra Walters

Student Data Manager / Registrar at Urbandale Community School District


A super nice member!

I teach ages: 1 to 22


October 11, 2016

I work in PowerSchool (PS) every day. I register all students in the district every year (4000+) and we use InfoSnap for that portion of the program. It integrates so well with PS that it saves me hours upon hours of time for updating student information. I also maintain the integrity of our students’ information in PS. We use this to maintain our student information regarding persons that are allowed to pick up or drop off students at school. Medical Issues any student may have, such as allergies. Any medical attention they may need during the day that the nurses can help with. Any thing we need to know about a student is in this database and accessible by anyone that needs to have that information. I am able to use the registration to have the parents update information and then simply import the new / changed data into PowerSchool for everyone to have access. I know there is a whole other side of PS that the teachers use and they use it for grades and to keep the students and parents informed on assignments and test scores. I think PS is an amazing tool that makes managing information for all of these students a much easier process than we could do with any other system. I LOVE PS and INFOSNAP!