Mr. Vernon Fowler

eLearning Coordinator at Navitas English


I enjoy teaching at the Hawthorn campus of Navitas English. I love using technology and working with colleagues to better our learning.

I teach: ESL

To ages: 18 to 22+


March 4, 2013

In addition to Mr Mitchell’s excellent points above, is the option to make recordings private – even for free accounts. This is an important feature for many / all students and teachers. From similar services (like Audioboo) it is only offered with premium accounts.
If your school doesn’t have enough microphones or a solid Internet connection or perhaps you want to try recording in a completely different context, try the mobile app – it’s even easier than recording live via the website.

February 11, 2013

A fun way to learn languages (vocabulary and spelling) and challenge students with high scores to beat. Set your level and share with your friends.

February 11, 2013

Free online dictionary of English pronunciation helps students understand how to pronounce English words. This is great for minimal pairs practice drills. Also it is good for students to simply check how words sound without learning any phonemic symbols.

June 23, 2012

This wonderful tool is useful to anyone who needs to write research essays and cite their sources. Like EndNote and other citation tools, one can manually enter source details and click buttons to paste citations into a word processed document. However, Zotero makes it easy for web based sources through one-click collection from sites such as and many others.

I would recommend it to everyone who has to include sources in their essay. It allows writers to focus on their essay content and forget about correct punctuation format of citations. This can also help students avoid plagiarism.

June 23, 2012

I use TeacherPal to highlight which students may be struggling and in need of some extra assistance to complete their course with a passing grade.

I would highly recommend it for this use and for any paperless attendance recording.

June 23, 2012

Initially I ask students to create their account for the previous day's homework.

After recording a monologue of about 1-2 minutes (similar to an IELTS part 2 of the speaking test) I ask students to save their recording with a tag that all the class use (for example, tagged with class3Bexcursion125). We have an evaluation handout where they assess their own speaking and then practice note-taking from listening to 2 of their classmates' recordings (easily accessed via the common tag).

Weaknesses: Privacy option only for Pro account recordings and no easy way to group a number of students together.

Strengths: Recordings can be downloaded as MP3 (from the website) if you right-click on the play button and save as…

I'd highly recommend it for any oral language practice.

May 5, 2012

Makes citing sources and bibliography writing in my essays very easy and accurate to any format (Harvard, APA, MLA, etcetera).

May 5, 2012

Makes it easy to keep track of students' attendance, assessment progress, and behaviour comments.

May 5, 2012

Fantastic for students to practise speaking, recording and playback to hear their great pronunciation, fluency, lexical resource, and error recognition for self-awareness and correction. Also great to listen to channels such as the BBC.