Ms. Robin Ruiz


We are living in very incredible times. Before becoming an educator, I held many exciting positions including the Director of private and corporate preschools/kindergartens and a large After-School/Summer program. I was a substitute teacher for a few years before obtaining a BA in Education with an emphasis on Specific Learning Disabilities. I have coined a term, “Adolescent Toddler” because the development stages at both the two year old and twelve years of age include major ”ME-isms”, sponge like retention of their emotional and psychological growth, and the importance to have boundaries in their best interests. I am a life- long learner and envision the future of education as a field that has no walls and reaches the global world of education. I enjoy creating art, books, and philosophy. I love learning, children, food, soccer, and being a mother.  At the present time I am in a state of pedagogic transition. The questions I wrestle with are, “What now, where now, and with whom?” I am looking for the perfect PHD program that will inspire my aspirations to create the optimal learning environment given the world we live in now. Robin Ruiz


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