Ms. Tatyana Dvorkin

Technology Intergrator at Avenues: The World School


I recently started as a Technology Integrator at Avenues: The World School. I'm finishing up my M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University Teachers College where I take part in conducting research with the Games for Learning Institute on influencing learning outcomes in literacy and STEM through the manipulation of game mechanics. My thesis (which I am currently writing) is on the use of social media applications for increasing literacy skills at the K-12 level.I have taught test prep courses and tutored one on one for 5 years and also have experience in Quality Assurance in the eLearning and gaming industries.


January 21, 2013

The game is available on GameBoy, iPad, and the iPhone, though this review pertains to the iPad specifically.

Scribblenauts allows students to use their strategic thinking and creativity to solve puzzles from the basic to the complex. The puzzles are amusing and whimsical, and allow many option for solutions enabling players to utilize both commonplace tools (e.g. ladder, straicase) as well as more inventive ones (pegasus, wings) to get around the space and to help the NPCs.

The game uses word input to create in-game objects, so it also relies on spelling and comes in many languages, making handy for ELA and foreign language vocabulary building.