Aleksandra Ivic

Educational Games Developer at Company


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I teach: Math


February 5, 2014

Zeus vs. Monsters is a game that enables kids to practice math in a fun way. And not only that, the game includes descriptions for all the characters that are in the game, so the kids will lear about Greek Mythology too. Special part of it is “For educators” part, where you can check exactly where your kids fail and what should you explain to them once again. Of course, in the “Settings” part, you can choose easy, normal and hard mode, and you can always set ranges and math operations you want to appear. Really nice graphics and interesting music make this game fun, but still with really high educational value.

December 19, 2013

Math Claw machine is interesting game for practicing math skills. Lots of vivid colors and funny noises are what make this game suitable for youngsters, and math equations help children overcome their math problems. You can adjust difficulty to players age but choosing easy, medium, hard and genius.

November 22, 2013

This is iPhone, iPad and iPod game for 2 players. You have split screen, on one side one math equation and three offered answers and same thing on other side. First opponent who tap on the right answer gets one point, and if they tap on the wrong one, one point is being taken away from them. Quite a fun game, you can set it to easy, medium, hard and expert level and also if you want to include subtraction, multiplication and division. In that way, you set it according to the age of players (or knowledge). I would recommend it.