Mrs. Samantha Morgan

English Teacher


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I teach: Writing, Reading,

To ages: 6 to 12


November 12, 2017

I recently started using this tool in my English classes to encourage my students to write their own stories. And was really impressed by the number of resources it offers and the flexibility of the tool. My students really loved using the story idea generator and the character creator. It really gave them a few laughs and most importantly they even found the idea of writing a story actually fun and exciting.

The site also offers printables and allows you to print out the activities that the student has completed online. I found this really useful in getting my students to discuss their story ideas with their classmates away from the computer and swap ideas. I really love the newspaper activity.

I notice it’s still fairly new, so they are regularly updating it and adding new features to help children. For the time being, it is a brilliant website to sign students up. It offers both educators and students a great number of resources that are both educational and fun. I highly recommend it to other teachers and even encourage my students to use it outside of school.