Ms. Ruth Arjona

Technology Coordinator at Bernice A. Ray School


A super nice member!

I teach: Computer Technology

To ages: 5 to 11


October 10, 2014

Motion Math allowed my intermediate elementary students deepen their understanding of common fractions, equivalent fractions and how they relate to percentages using linear models.
The mathematical concepts and reasoning are expressed very well in the game design and the graphics are quite attractive to kids. I especially like that fractions are represented along a number line which makes more sense than the usual area models.
The only weakness is that the game is designed for single-user, which necessitates a dedicated device to one student. The students suggested that the game should allow them to compete with other players.

I was inspired by the research conducted by Michelle Riconscente that I tried to replicate it among our 4th graders in two settings: as an after-school club and in the classroom. And the results were pretty encouraging: there was a significant improvement in knowledge scores and attitude towards fractions after using the app.