Dr. John Hall

Director at PA Alliance for STEM Education


John is a consulting psychologist working in the program design and evaluation space. John has extensive experience in the education and industrial training sectors; including qualitative and quantitative assessments for educational institutions and informal science organizations. He has worked collaboratively with regional leaders, workforce investment boards, economic development commissions, K-12 institutions; teaching colleges and research institutions to enhance Pennsylvania’s educational and economic development system.

I teach: After School Science

To ages: 6 to 22+


The Station Space Walk Game is a great activity for middle school groups in the after school setting. The NASA interactive simulation provides an opportunity to move and work in space like a real astronaut and provides realism to lessons about manned space travel. This video game features simulations of actual Extra Vehicle Activities (EVA) conducted by NASA astronauts on missions. The graphics used in this game are based on real NASA missions and incorporate 3D graphics used by NASA. It is highly recommended.

July 8, 2013

New NASA game available for PC’s and iPads is based on launch systems at the Kennedy Space Center. The allows players to build and launch a virtual rocket. It can be effectively used in informal science situations to engage, motivate, and inspire middle school students. This free product developed by NASA’s Launch Service Program’s Kennedy Information Technology Mobile Team is highly recommended.

The NASA review indicates that ” NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP) provides access to space for the studies of Earth and exploration of our solar system and the universe. Now, LSP is turning over the virtual selection, construction and launch of a mission to players who will decide the best rocket to assemble to launch a spacecraft. Rocket scientists in LSP do the same thing for real rockets and missions every day.

Players select their favorite NASA mission and choose from three skill levels for building a rocket to send the spacecraft into orbit. The Rocket Science 101 challenge provides players an opportunity to learn about NASA missions and the various components of the launch vehicles, including how rockets are configured and how they work together to successfully launch a spacecraft.

LSP managers, engineers and other specialists match spacecraft with the right rocket to carry out real-life missions, a process often done years ahead of a launch. As liftoff nears, teams oversee the launch vehicle’s engineering and manufacturing, including its integration with the spacecraft. LSP conducts the countdowns for NASA’s scientific missions and provides additional quality assurance along with other controls to ensure a successful mission.”

Rocket Science 101 is available for iPad users via iTunes at: http://bit.ly/Mn1xLr