Mrs. Nancy Schmidt

Instructional Technology Integration Specialist at Ocm Boces Cnyric


I have been working in education for over 23 years. Having first worked in private industry I changed careers and started teaching at West Genesee Middle School and Newfield High School. After several years, I took a position at BOCES where I'm focused on professional development. I am nationally certified in both curriculum mapping and Fast ForWord.

I teach: Business, Computer Technology, Computers, Technology, HTML

To ages: 12 to 18


July 3, 2013

I use all tools before I will put them in front of students. I have mixed emotions about this app. If kids are good at math, then this is a good practice app. If they are not, I wouldn’t give them access. The examples are generally lacking a solid explanation and if you get it wrong, when you click on “Show me the solution” you get just that, the answer with no explanation on how it was derived. In short, this app has been weighed, it’s been measured and been found wanting.