Ms. Tesslyn Mustain

teacher at Timberwood Middle School


2016-2017: My 25th year of teaching, all but three in middle school. I’ve taught in Humble ISD since 1993, and opened two middle schools, Humble Middle School and Timberwood Middle School. In that time I’ve developed a passion for using educational technology to engage students in my RELA classes. It’s been a fun ride to watch technology develop at hyper speeds, and watch kids adapt to it much like a fish adapts to water.

I teach: English

To ages: 13 to 14


January 23, 2017

To foster discussion and increase engagement and relevance.

January 23, 2017

To finally bury PowerPoint and make presentations more interactive and engaging for students.

January 23, 2017

I use it effectively with all levels of 8th grade ELA students to foster and facilitate discussions.

I highly recommend it to my colleagues.