Mr. Jason Bihler

Instructional Designer


A super nice member!

I teach ages: 5 to 18


November 29, 2018

I’m a longtime teacher and instructional designer in the Metro Nashville Public Schools Learning technology Department. We are fully into our first year of implementation of Schoology.

Simply put, Schoology has an incredibly intuitive user interface and a remarkable adoption rate even without training/support. Our teachers are struggling less with learning what all the “buttons” do and how to navigate the system. We are seeing them use Schoology’s more advanced and impactful tools right out of the box. Schoology lets teachers focus on instructional planning and provides standards-based data for timely decision making. It also allows for quick and easy “personalization” by providing the ability to create grading groups and assign content individually. If you’ve never tried it, sign up for a free account and give it a go. If you’re a district selecting your next LMS be sure to include Schoology in your decision making process. Questions? Visit Schoology’s fantastic Help Center –

Schoology helps teachers provide more of what students need (content, resources, ability to engage in 4Cs, rich feedback on assignments and assessments) and helps them get more of what they need from students (progress on where they are achieving, communication, collaboration, etc).