Ms. Melissa Hero

Teacher at Carlmont High School


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I teach: Biology, AVID


May 17, 2013

This is a great website for students to research, organize, annotate, take notes, collaborate, and write research papers.

May 15, 2013

This is a new iPad app that allows you to easily make podcasts.

May 4, 2013

Vine is a tool that allows you to make 6 second videos. Six seconds is really quick, so you can’t make extensive videos. But if you want students to do a quick summary of what they learned or demonstrate a quick idea, this is an easy and fun tool. It would be a great exit ticket.

May 4, 2013

This is a free video editor for the iPad where students can do simple editing. If you can’t purchase iMovie, this app is a good choice.

May 4, 2013

This is a great tool which allows students to create and publish movies all from the iPad. My favorite thing about the app is that students can create short movie trailers using the premade templates. They can even add voice overs by saving the trailer to the camera roll, then create a new project using the trailer to add the voice over.

May 4, 2013

Create trading cards for any number of categories, including:
• Fictional person
• Real person
• Fictional place
• Real place
• Object
• Event
• Vocabulary word

Each category has specific guiding questions for creating a dynamic, information-rich trading card. Summarizing skills are critical as they drill down to the most important information to fit on the card. In addition, they become aware of writing for an audience because they can share their cards with others.