Mr. Manfred Manninger


My father told me that the best way to love my children was to openly express my love for my wife. The fruits of these words are sent forth with every unselfish act, kind word, and expression of love that comes from my children.

Before my wedding, while I was stressing out, my dad said, “Boy, the most important thing that happens here is that you two get married. If one of you throws up on the other one’s shoes and then faints in horror, we’ll pick you up and clean your shoes and you’ll go on. It’s the commitment you’re making to each other that’s important, not the wedding.”

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February 2, 2015


This is by far the best viewer I’ve seen – including the ones you pay top dollar for! Vector graphic, full screen view (the only place I’ve seen this). And it’s free. Free! They also have a neat community where you have your own library with stuff for your and from your friends. Truly uniqe.


I am a business owner and would like to customize a bit – even if it means paying for it. But I’m sure this is something they are working on. Currently I am using the standard package and have see a lot of additional traffic to my site because of Issue.