Ms. Allison Starling

Innovative Teaching Coach at Manor Isd, Travis County


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December 5, 2014

This isn’t available in the US App Store from what I’ve found.

November 1, 2013

Used in AVID program for Cornell Notes, this awesome tool really engages students in creating robust notes coupled with their individual research. We are a 1:1 campus and Classmint creates a one stop app/web 2.0 for students to take notes in class as well as add research/images/graphics they find while working collaboratively. Rather than have one app for notes and lots of screen shots of Google searches, our students have one, easily organized spot to take notes. Staff loved how easy it was to use and I love how responsive Classmint is when I have questions…the developers are truly out to assist student learning! Great ( AND FREE) tool! Must have for secondary!