Ms. Denise Stafos

7th Grade Social Studies at Hickman Mills School District


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I teach: Social Studies

To ages: 12 to 14


September 25, 2016

This is a must for every teacher to have in their tool box. You have easy steps that help students improve their writing skills. Students in my class write to learn. It is a gem!

September 16, 2016

They stream videos of all types, and you can choose clips. There are lessons, and download materials to access as well.

There is a great tool called a board that teachers can use to organize learning without lecturing that students access. It is interactive if you create stations, or they can work alone at their own pace. You may upload other items you create such as worksheets. You can add links that take you to sites other than Discovery. It is user friendly.

Students may create their own boards too! It is a good way for students to organize a presentation. They can add papers they create, and they have a lot of resources the students can use.

Look under the tab…Tools There are video tutorials to help the learning curve.