Ms. Laura Hernandez

Professor at IEST


A super nice member!

I teach: Architecture

To ages: 18 to 22


December 2, 2015

It’s a nice way to ogranize activities and resources for your daily lesson plan.

Upside: you can share the lesson plan for a day with other people, even if they don’t have an account in this app, and they can see it in their web browser. Convenient to make sure students who missed a class know what they need to do, or to send to a substitute teacher. I also liked the preparation tasks feature.

Downside: It’s difficult to plan ahead because navigating the calendar is tricky. You can’t link directly from the activity (they are two separate lists), so you need to make sure you mention which link you’ll be using. It doesn’t let you write a name or description to files or links you add, so their names need to be very descriptive in order to identify them once you need them, You can’t name the lesson by its topic either. That would be nice.