Kathryn Oleszkowicz

Special Education Teacher at Birmingham Schools


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I teach: Special Educatoin

To ages: 11 to 14


July 2, 2015

Canva is a image creation tool. It gives you a blank template and allows you to search for images/illustrations to add. This tool also allows you to add text, different layouts, and uploaded pictures.

-Free, accessible – Sign in with Google or you can make an account easily
-Built-in tutorial, allows students to have some guidance while being independent
-Not only does it have a beginner’s tutorial to get used to the tools, it also has design tutorials to learn to apply design principles in your creations
-Search function, searches for images within application
-When you begin a project, they have several different dimensions to choose from. They are applicable dimensions like “Twitter post” “Facebook Cover photo” “Poster”
-Easily change color of objects

-When you search, some of the pictures cost money. It won’t charge you automatically, you have to confirm later before you pay
-When you drop pictures or objects into a certain section of the layout, sometimes it does not go in the correct section
– Sometimes when you try to move objects, it moves the wrong object