Mr. Kris Nielsen

Teacher at Union County Public Schools, NC


Going into my sixth year as a middle school math and science teachers, and just transferred into a district that uses 1:1 netbooks. Exciting!I'm also an engaged blogger and an author working on my debut title: “Maximizing the Middle: Revisiting Middle School in the 21st Century”

I teach: Math and MS Science

To ages: 11 to 14


July 23, 2012

I'm just getting started, but I love it as a personal bookmarking tool. I love that I can build up my webmix and then share it with my students so they can add it to their own collection. That way, I'm basically frontloading a mix of tools and resources that I think will help my students throughout the year. Then, they can add new resources to their own webmixes as we go.

It's fantastic not having to remember websites because all of my bookmarks are saved on my "other" computer.

I will be using this tool this year with my students and will come back to add to this review!