Mrs. Kathleen Gorringe

Masters Degree Student, Technology Coordinator


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I teach ages: 1 to 22


January 17, 2018

I really like this tool. There is a great depth to it that is not found in just a quiz creator. That is but one element of the tool. For each lesson you THINK, DIG DEEPER, then DISCUSS. It is a lesson plan creator, not a quiz creator. The video you use as the launch pad for your lesson need not be a TED talk, it can be a YouTube video or the like. Here is an example:

If there were one improvement to be made, I would say get this linked in with Google Classroom. The share settings are all social networks (twitter, facebook, google+…), but no Google Classroom. It is a must anymore!

January 16, 2018

This is a really cool tool. You can take any OER video and create an interactive quiz from the video. YouTube, Khan Academy, TeacherTube… you just need the URL. You put the URL into your Playposit site (your account can be set up with google) and you can create quiz questions as you view the video (placed at certain time points, etc.). I like how the program stops the video when you go to create a question. Make sure to enter the new design mode for the full range of options available.

January 12, 2018

Now called Sutori. This is a very easy tool to use to create interactive timelines. In the marketplace, I find this one to be the best of the bunch. I like that I can collaborate with other users and have multiple share options – including to Google Classroom which I think is just a must these days. The ability to add little quiz questions along the way is a really nice feature, it makes this a great flipped learning tool to add to my teacher toolbox.

January 12, 2018

By far the easiest one to use in the market. The training video is very approachable and easy to watch. Reasonable time commitment to view (about 5:00). The templates are pretty brilliant. My only complaint is there are pretty limited options available with the free membership. I get it, they gotta make some money! If I were using this regularly with a class it would be worth investing in an upgraded membership. I do like how they have elements catered to education.

January 12, 2018

Tough that this is $39 per month and the free trial only lasts 14 days. This limits the potential of using this tool as an educator. It would be unlikely for me or my school to put forth the kind of money required to sustain this application. It looks pretty awesome though, wish there were a limited free educator version (or at least if not free something less expensive). As a result, PowToon seems the better option in this regard.

January 12, 2018

I really like the updates with MindMup 2.0. Great integration with Google. Love the autosave feature. Compared to other applications which provide the same goal, this one has more advanced features.

January 12, 2018

This is a good mind mapping tool. It is free. One for clean and neat creations, I like that you can snap your items to a grid. I like that you can duplicate blocks and then edit – allows for consistency in the map with minimal effort. Navigator is a nice feature that allows you to remain “zoomed in” on your working section while still being able to see the bigger picture. Excellent you can add additional elements (documents, pictures, maps, events…).

I don’t like that I cannot move an entire section of the map together (or if I can it is not a logical process). I desperately wanted to “select all” and move an entire subsection of my mindmap to better organize as the map grew, but I did not see a way to do so. Upon consulting help, there is a way, but I must say it did not work for me very well…

Generally I like this application and it is my “go to” mind mapping tool!