Ms. Julia Eremina


I love educational technology and I an employee of the company Coursmos. It is a platform that makes it easy to create online courses, even from a mobile phone. The innovative concept of micro-courses makes it easy to digest knowledge:

I teach ages: 4 to 22+


October 30, 2013

It is the platform that will change the learning.

People do not get knowledge they want giving up 9 of 10 online courses. Usually they lack time and motivation to pass long online course. is a micro-learning platform that solves this problem:

1. Knowledge is represented with micro-courses of up to 9 lessons each 3 minutes long
2. Micro-lessons can contain additional materials
3. Lessons of each micro-course can be extended into separate micro-courses
4. People can request micro-courses on certain topics
5. Each micro-course can be easily created with web and mobile app