Mrs. Michelle Kellogg

Volunteer at Office of Letters and Light


I am an Instructional Designer in the Corporate World and in my spare time I am an author of novels. I also work with Young Writers who are interested in writing novels.

I teach ages: 7 to 22+


July 25, 2013

Inspiration Maps has actually helped me in nearly all areas of my life, as crazy as that may sound!

Work: I’m an Instructional Designer. It’s great to have a visual layout of the course and modules, as well as topics/objectives, when developing a new training course. Switching to Outline Mode is great for those people that are not visual learners! I have recommended that my team use this tool, as well.

Home: Chore charts—step by step instructions and such for the kids to teach them how to do each step. They love it!

Kids: My daughter (going into 6th grade) has started using it for when she’s putting together writing assignments.

Hobby: I write novels in my spare time. This has been absolutely *invaluable* as I lay out the plot and sub-plots and characters and their relations to others, etc.

I love that I can work between my Mac and my iPad (and soon-to-come Android tablet!) and keep things as efficient as possible.

I LOVE Inspiration Maps!