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March 17, 2014

Math Worksheets Land is a website where teachers, parents, and students can create worksheets to enhance their math skills while practicing at home or at school. The math worksheets are randomly generated which allows you to make an unlimited number of printable worksheets to meet the individual needs of a student. The website contains numerous math topics that align with CCSS and has over 55,000 varied worksheets. The math worksheets are designed for grades K-12, and are delivered in a PDF format which also includes the answer keys.
What I like most about the website is that anyone can access it (if they have a computer/internet), and the math worksheets are free to download, easy to use, and there is something for every grade/level of ability. I can see how this website would be a great resource for teachers who need to differentiate their levels during math time/morning work, or if a student is having difficulty with a certain concept and now they can utilize these worksheets with their parents/guardians at home to help them outside of school. I will definitely use this site and encourage others to give it a try too.

The Math Learning Center is a non-profit organization that creates curriculum (Bridges) that align with Common Core State Standards to enhance the learning structure for students in Mathematics. The company stems from the National Science Foundation, with publishing that lends to teachers/students and allows the use of supplemental materials to enhance the learning experience while in the classroom, or while at home with their materials accessible online.

What I like most about the website is that you do not have to buy the curriculum just to be able to use the great materials/resources that MLC offers. The best thing is that there is a free apps section where I found some very cool and useful products that are accessible online, or that you can download for free on an iPad. One app is called Number Pieces, where the student can use manipulatives to help them count, make arrays, create shapes, etc. I definitely will be using this resource in my classroom. Plus the best thing, it’s free and accessible outside the classroom!

March 10, 2014

BrainPOP is a fascinating website where students can play games, watch videos/tutorials, complete engaging activities, build their vocabulary with the “Word Wall” section, or even take leveled quizzes (easy/hard) to check for comprehension. So far I have only perused through the “Free Resources” section, but can def see how this website would be a great buy for the classroom/school.

What I like most about the website is that it has a lot of options to create an engaging activity, and keep students interested in learning for quite a while (there are numerous activities, videos, tests, etc.). Also there are multiple forms of the website to reach all levels of needs: BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP ESL, BrainPOP Espanol, BrainPOP International, and of course the main website BrainPop.

Now it’s time to check-it-out for yourself :)