Mr. Isaac Van Wesep

President at TeacherMade


Ed-Tech entrepreneur, CEO emeritus of Quick Key (Validated Learning Co.) and president of

I teach ages: 1 to 22


May 18, 2021

TeacherMade is a web application that lets you make online interactive activities for your students. You can upload a PDF of an existing worksheet, and then overlay question/answer zones on top, or you can build your own “Interactive” from scratch.

TeacherMade questions can be set to be auto-graded, or you can give your own feedback and scoring.

You can also assign TeacherMade interactives via Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas. You can also sync grades from TeacherMade assignments into these LMS’s grade books as well.

The strengths: easy to use, auto grading, LMS integrations, and students find it easy and fun, too!

weaknesses: only a Web app. it works on iPad and other tablets, but via the browser.

Highly recommended, especially for elementary and middle school Teachers :)

November 4, 2020

TeacherMade is a very easy way to transition to online learning. You just upload or scan your PDF activity, and then overlay online interactions. More than 100,000 Teachers signed up for TeacherMade in the first 50 days of the 2020 school year during Covid. That should tell you something about how well-regarded it is among teachers!