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March 26, 2014

Puppet Pals HD is a really easy to use animations app. Make sure you purchase the full version as it allows you to add your own characters. This is the real power of Puppet Pals HD.
Being able to use pictures from story books, pupils own paintings/drawings, images of pupils themselves and saved images from the web make this a fantastic all rounder for your iPad.
Some of the ways I have used Puppet Pals HD are with:

– Year 1 pupils recording their Chinese New Year stories using their own drawn characters
– Year 8 pupils describing how the vanishing point works
– Year 6 pupils to create a 1066 debate on who should become the next King of England
– plus many more

But don’t be fooled by its ease of use. It can be used all the way from EYFS to KS4 and beyond.

March 26, 2014

A very simple and easy to use app. In a 1:1 setting you can get away with the free version as pupils can manage their popples across one board. If you are using a shared set of iPad devices then you might want to purchase the full version as it allows multiple boards for multiple pupils.

I have used Popplet with Year 2 pupils to create circuits, Year 6 pupils to create timelines, Reception pupils to map out stories, Year 4 pupils to create food chains and food webs and lots more. A very handy app to have on your device.

March 26, 2014

Hopscotch is a great way to introduce pupils to coding / programming. Especially if you are looking forward to the introduction of the new 2014 Computing Curriculum in the UK.

Start with the pupils figuring out how to make a square then move on to creating simple game that they can test on their classmates.

As other reviewers have mentioned this is a great way to get pupils engaged in coding with a colourful and clear interface.

March 26, 2014

Book Creator for iPad is a great authoring tool that can be used from KS1 to KS3. I have used it to make simple talking picture books with Year 1 pupils. I have also used it with Year 8 pupils to create a log of the learning in their Science lessons. I great all rounder and should be considered by any school as part of the app collection.