Mrs. Suzanne Munroe

tutor / home schooler at Life Long Learners


Teacher from Ireland living in san Francisco. I am a tutor, blogger, home schooler and author of ‘Fun Phonics for your Little Genius.’

I teach: Math, Phonics, Reading, Writing

To ages: 4 to 11


January 28, 2014

Excellent tool to gather real time data on how your kids are succeeding and where they need extra help. Perfect for all kids, especially the ones who are shy or lacking in confidence to ‘put up their hand’. With Geddit there is no fear in answering and getting it right or wrong. It is fantastic for a quick assessment of a topic taught, or a good place to gain student knowledge of where to begin a new topic. Highly recommended. Made by a teacher, for teachers! You have got to love that and go geddit!!!

January 25, 2014

Awesome learning tool with great interactive learning games to prepare your child for pre-school and to master the skills in both Pre School and Kindergarten. Great for use at home with your child. Tracks your child’s progress and mastery. Highly recommended!

October 31, 2013

This website has lots of fun educational games that promote learning in Maths, Science and Literacy. Kids love learning through the interactive games and can easily navigate their way through the site independently.

I like that the age range is clearly identified, making it easy to find a match for a particular age range and subject area.

October 30, 2013

Great for teaching beginners in Phonics. Focuses on a wide skill set such as learning the sounds, recognizing beginning sounds / objects that begin with certain sounds in words, making words using sounds. Kids love the characters and interactive games and music.

October 30, 2013

Great for quick re-cap quizzes for students. Puts fun into assessment. Great that you teacher and student get feedback on student errors. Very simple to use.

October 30, 2013

Love using this app as a treat with kids. Simple, short, holds kids attention and they want to play over and over. Good for fine motor control.

October 2, 2013

How do I use it with my students?
– Short bursts of time is best for young children when learning new things. Using this App for 10 minutes each day will help your child to learn their sounds.
– It is a great way to revise sounds before your child does a reading / writing / spelling activity.
– It is also a great refresher and reward incentive for use after completing a reading / writing / spelling activity.

What Children learn from the App
– The 26 sounds of the alphabet.
– Recognize both upper and lower case letters.
– Practice handwriting skills for the 26 letters by watching animations and tracing with their finger. This promotes motor skills development and preparation for moving onto writing on paper.
– Spell and make simple 3 – 5 letter words.

Why is it fun?
– The characters are fuzzy hairy little monsters that kids love.
– It is filled with fun animations.
– Letters are learned while watching animations with sounds.
– The hairy monsters do a fun dance that motivates children.
– It appeals to a wide range of learning styles due to its vibrant colors, animations and sounds.

This game can easily be played independently.