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Math Consultants at Green Hills AEA


Math Consultants for Green Hills AEA in the state of Iowa. Our team has five members. We work with teachers and school districts to help the improve their math instruction. We also support Special Ed Math teachers and students. The Agency’s goal is to close the gap between IEP and Non IEP students.

I teach: Math

To ages: 1 to 20


September 28, 2015

This tool aligns very nicely to the Kathy Richardson Concepts Assessments that are used as a diagnostic assessment to uncover areas of struggle in math for students in Grades K-3. This could be used to strengthen student understanding with assessment 4.

I use this tool support students with subitizing. It supports basic understanding of composition of numbers. I use it in math stations to support fluency and maintenance during small group work. I also use it during whole class discussion for number talks. Yes I would recommend this to a college because of the support and practice it provides my students that aligns to common core.