Mr. Garfield Richards

High School accounts teacher at School


I currently teach the ninth grade Accounts component of a world studies course in the business department of a very large high school in Jamaica. I have a teaching partner who teaches the principle of business component of the course. I am extremely fortunate in that my teaching partner is not just knowledgeable about her subject matter, but she is also a very good teacher. to keep every student engaged all period long. My class is mixture of sleepyheads and hyperkids. I work hard to figure out ways to appeal to everyone’s learning style, but it is not always easy. Because this is such a long period and because ninth graders can get restless within two nano seconds, I try to break up assignments and alternate types of activities. These students tend to be well behaved so we have lots of activities where they can work together and have fun

I teach: Accounts

To ages: 15 to 17


August 29, 2012

Facebook is a great tool to use to get connected with people. Teachers can use it to get in touch with students when they are not at school or following up on homework and other assignments. The tool is very user friendly and the interactive system always instant messaging over the internet in a secure location. There are countries that might have teachers being friends with student on Facebook to be illegal. However, I believe with proper monitoring and supervision by parents, any potential or presumed risk can be avoided.

August 29, 2012

I mostly use this tool when I'm travelling overseas or going on long vacations. The Google map is a wonderful tool as it help to locate places, people and to get you out of tight spots. Its very user friendly and it also has pre-set information to help you search. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and friends. These persons are always on the go because of their work. Since they are social workers who have to travel all over the country to meet parents and children and visit hospitals and so on, they will need a good navigation system.

August 29, 2012

I always use it when I'm travelling overseas