Mr. Tatsuro Ueda

Augmented (Mixed) Reality App developer and Physics teacher at Feel Physics


President of Feel Physics
2013 – Present
Location: Japan
– Starting business of Physics education using MR (No one scceeded over the world)
– Asked to write paper about current mission of Physics education (On referee reading)
– Appeared in 28 online news medias about our activities
– Make our app open-source and show how to develop MR app
– Write paper about Physics lessons with Mixed Reality
– Give Experience Lessons / Sessions of Physics in 5 countries including 11 schools for more than 300 people (No one have given lessons over countries including Africa. We have improved them step by step)
– Develop teaching material app for Physics education using MR from start date of HoloLens sales
– Develop smartphone app for Physics education using GPS (Similar app won teaching material award)
– Develop the PC app for Physics education using computer vision
– Create site of how to use physics simulation software (chosen by textbook publisher)

Part Time Lecturer of Mie University
2018 – Present
Location: Japan
Asked to give the classroom about newest Physics education with ICT

Teacher of Tokyo City
2004 – 2012
Location: Japan
– Create cotton candy machine with synthesizing colors with Kinect, Arduino and exhibit 4 times in Maker Faire Tokyo.
– Asked to write article about Physical Computing example for family
– Teach Physics in public high school
– Chosen to plan new school
– Create quiz application for museum
– Introduce retired engineers to help experiments
– Teach Sicence with a lot of experiments including chicken anatomy in public junior high school

I teach: Physics

To ages: 8 to 21


June 21, 2019

This product is so intuitive that my 5 years old son can play with that. There are a lot of devices in this product, so it successfully hides complex things such as electric current adjustment and signal processes. Therefore an user can concentrate on jointing parts. I have held several workshops with that and every participants enjoyed. In my opinion, a sensor and a actuator are hidden into the package of product, so it’s good oppotunity to touch with this teaching material for understanding modern devices.

June 21, 2019

PocketLab Voyager equips sensors like new smartphones, but this device is apart from monitor (smartphone, tablet, PC web browser), thus you can share the realtime measurement or throw the device upward. In additon, PocketLab develops a lot of teaching programs. They make teachers easy to begin their classrooms.

June 21, 2019

In Physics study, air pressure is not so difficult because you can see a turgid bag in a shop at high places such as a mountain. But most of us don’t know air pressure is very sensitive and it defer between on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor. If your school posses Aneroid barometer, you can show that difference, but the instrument is expensive. However, all iPhone have a pressure sensor and can measure it very precisely. You can do the same measure with iPhone.

June 21, 2019

In Physics study, Mechanics is foundamental but not easy to learn. All students start from Motion and have to understand concepts of velocity and accelaration. It’s difficult because the concepts isn’t in everyday life. However, the concepts IS in everyday life acctually. This app can show that. For example, when you ride on some viecle or an elevator, you can watch the change of acceralation with this app. These are very easy and concrete way to understand the concepts.

June 21, 2019

That’s very simple app. You can look only 4 models. However, It’s very good to imagine electric field. Electric field is very difficult to teach, because it’s invisible. Many students give up studying Physics at the point. Thus, this app is very effective.