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It is a beautifully illustrated word learning and reading game, loved by kids, parents and teachers all over the world.

Join Bud on a journey through his house, school, city, park and around as he and his friends go from place to place to learn new words. Children will come across a wide range of words spoken and heard by all toddlers as they are growing up.

In ‘Bud’s First Words’, toddlers and preschool kids will start learning by listening and reading nouns, the names of things found around them in everyday places like bedroom, bathroom, classroom, playground, park, etc. Then in Play mode children will read questions and they will be asked to identify the same objects and recognize their words, this will reinforce their learning. In no time you will see kids spotting and naming things around the house and increasing their vocabulary every time they play.

‘Bud’s First Words’ is designed to:

– build children’s everyday vocabulary
– improve reading skills by practicing words children hear at home and school
– improve reading fluency
– boost kids confidence and self esteem
– help children with difficulties like autism, add, adhd, speech delay, non-verbal in reading and learning English language and communication in a positive and stimulating way.

– 24 locations to explore – Bedroom, Bathroom, Breakfast, Classroom, Playground, Park, Street, Store, Grocery, Kitchen, Party, Garden, Family Room, Restaurant, City, Airport, Beach, Carnival, Camping, Under the Sea, Workshop, Clinic, Farm, Fitness Room.
– 350 plus words to learn
– Kid-friendly interface
– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases

August 5, 2014

Rhyming is creative and a fun way to play with language. In Bud’s Rhyming Words, kids will learn word families, CVC, short and long vowel words through three wonderful games. Rhyming is a precursor to learning how to read and write. With a successful completion of each level in Bud’s Rhyming Words, kids will have a strong sense of phonemic awareness and a solid groundwork for written language.

In the first game, Word Families, kids will learn word-to-picture relationship and ending sounds of 40 most common word families in English language. Kids will drag the picture of a word and drop it in the box with the correct answer. There are forty word families and five unique words to learn for each of them.

The second game, Pick & Click becomes challenging when kids are tested with what they have learned in the previous game. Upon getting a word, kids will have to pick and click one picture from a set of six, which has a word that rhymes with the question word. The first two games focus on ending sounds along with the word-to-picture relationship.

Also available is Catch the Match, the third and the most comprehensive game, where kids are shown a word and they have to catch all the incoming words that match with it. This game consists of forty five questions distributed among easy, medium and hard modes. Not only it includes words which are from the same word family but also the ones, which sound the same but belongs to another word family.

Bud’s Rhyming Words also includes a profiling and scoring feature, which has been purposely designed for teachers at school and speech therapists, so they can monitor the performance of their kids and save their progress. “With Bud’s Rhyming Words, we have taken a step further from casual learning experience and intentionally designed it along the Common Core State Standards for ELA so that teachers can easily make use of it in the classrooms,” explains Talal Baweja of Nimble Minds.

A child safe app with no in-app purchases, no social media, no advertising, and no external links without parental gates, this app is suitable for children between 4 – 8 years old.


Forty word families with 225 unique words
Three rhyming games
Cute graphics with engaging child friendly voice over
Profiling and scoring feature for teachers to track performance