Samantha Thomas

Librarian and Educator at Kutztown University & Clarion University


I am currently finishing my senior year at Kutztown University and am hoping to be able to use these tools in a school or preferably a library setting.

I teach ages: 4 to 21


March 20, 2013

The TED talks application allows educators to access a wide variety of innovative ideas from the nonprofit organization TED. The application would not be useful to most younger students below middle school level but but it would be a great resource for teachers and other educators. It may help them gain ideas about reforms that they could try to implement in their classrooms and even throughout their entire school. Older students, especially at the high school level may enjoy the variety of lecture topics and the formal language may help prepare them for lectures if they pursue higher education. The entire application features videos that are very informative about many issues. One of the videos I viewed focused on possible reforms that need to be made in the area of mathematical education. Many of these suggestions include things like using computers and teaching different areas of mathematics earlier within the curriculum, such is calculus and presenting it to younger students. Overall I feel this is a great resource for educators themselves and presenting specific lecture topics to high school level or 9th-12th grade students.