Mrs. Lisa Andersen


Parent of a 8th grader and 6th grader.

I teach ages: 11 to 13


January 10, 2015

My students also used Edline previously and in the beginning did not like Edsby as much and found it more difficult to use. It had some glitches that they seemed to have worked out most of them, including what others have previously stated about not separating the first and second quarter grades. Now they have a separate section to view past quarter grades. It’s never easy making technology changes once you are used to something else. However, Edsby has worked to improve their site and it has gotten better in the past few years that our school district has used it.

Edsby offers school messages of upcoming events and calendars to track information and keep you constantly informed. Under each class there is an overall class grade, as well as, classwork, homework, quiz and test grades posted under classwork. There are messages for the entire class and opportunities to leave private messages to the teacher as well. Teachers are able to post links to sites or videos they want students to check out.

I love that it Edsby is up to date and easy to retrieve my children’s work. It’s a practical tool that helps me as a parent, and my children to be able to stay on top of their daily work. It’s easy to use and an excellent source to utilize.

I have suggested that there should be an option to remove old messages from previous school years, as well as, old schools that they no longer attend. Also that my children and I have noticed that on occasion we get an error message that we cannot view his work from each class immediately, there is some type of error which seems to have been fixed. I also asked if for each class’s or subject’s work section, when leaving a message to the teacher about a specific assignment, the teacher could view the email without having to be in the class work area section or on Edsby, instead if it would go directly to their school email. A teacher informed me that leaving a message for the teacher in this area does not send a direct email to the teacher like the message section, instead they have to be in Edsby or in that section to get it. It would be so much easier that if you have a question about a specific assignment, you could send the email privately directly to the teacher without having to repeat the assignment information to them in the message section, it would all be in one place in their class work section. Edsby informed me that they would look into all of my suggestions and appreciated my feedback.

I really like that Edsby asks for parents feedback on their site, giving us an opportunity to offer suggestions or improvements that we feel would help. When I had a technical question about their site they got back to me immediately and have been very helpful. It’s important that they are trying to work with both parents, teachers, and the school system to constantly improve their site.

My family has found it to be an excellent way to keep informed and up to date daily on my children’s classwork and with their teachers. It has been helpful when they are absent to be able to see any work posted for the day that they may have missed. It is a valuable tool and I am glad that our school offers it. I wish I had a site like this when I was a student. Keep up the good work Edsby!