Dr. Carson Funk


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October 3, 2014

I thought Glogster was very similar to the look and the setup of Microsoft PowerPoint. I personally would prefer to make a PowerPoint over an educational topic rather than a Glogster. The only feature Glogster has that PowerPoint does not have is the ability to imbed music and videos in the presentation without going to the internet and finding it there. Personally I prefer simple presentations and that is why I enjoy PowerPoint more. The learning curve for Glogster is very easy, it does not take a long time to understand how to use it. You create a Glog which you can edit to display pictures or information. The effectiveness depends on what the presentation needs to be effective. Glogs are effective for displaying academic information to other students. Student engagement depends on the magnitude of time spent on editing the Glog. It can look very simple with some paragraphs of information and some pictures, or it can be decorative and showing diagrams of the topic as well as some pictures, music, and other information.