Jennifer D'Angelo

Grad Student at Marymount University


I am a creative and resourceful substitute teacher and instructional aide at Merritt Academy with a proven ability to accommodate a wide variety of learning environments, offering eleven years of varied instructional experience. I possess a positive and effective teaching style with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Marymount University in Interior Design. I am currently a graduate student at Marymount University, but I am so much more. I am a 30 something mom of a little man and I am a wife to one amazing husband.  Something unique about me is my crazy big family. I am serious about that- crazy big! I am one of 11 children born to my parents and we all managed to make it to adulthood.

I teach: elementary aged children

To ages: 5 to 12


May 29, 2018

Stack the states is fun for all ages. If the student doesn’t know the answer they can guess and learn. It is a great app for kids to interact and learn US geography and state facts!