Shelby Elmore

Instructional Technology Coach at Desoto Co School Dist, Mississippi


Instructional Technology Coach, SMART Certified, SMART Exemplary Educator Gold Star Status, SeeSaw Ambassador, iPad Cart Manager for 11 of the district’s 42 schools, Former educator with emphasis on Early Childhood-1st grade, highly qualified K-12 English/Literature & Social Studies. I’ve always had a passion for tech. In 1994, I put a $1100 HP desktop computer in the layaway at Walmart. Within a month, I was freaking my husband out by dismantling it, checking out the insides to upgrade the guts of that machine. I wonder where my children got their destructive nature, lol! I watched technology and education grow with my three sons as both a teacher and a parent. Passionate about all things tech and a few things that aren’t. I have a menagerie of animals for stress relief (at least that is my mantra…). Horses, dogs, cats, a cockatoo–basically, I just work to pay their feed bill. If it were up to me, I’d spend my day outdoors with my iPad filming videos of the craziness at my house…that could be a great reality show!


To ages: 1 to 22


February 29, 2016

Formative Assessment in a snap! This tool is awesome for the teacher who doesn’t have a classroom set of devices!

No more screaming out answers during a lecture. Students just turn their card where their selected answer points towards the top. Your device does the rest. Their answers go in and populate immediately on the teacher’s device screen. Use Plickers for quick checks for understanding to know whether your students are understanding big concepts and mastering key skills.

Plickers is a great app for teachers who don’t have access to a full class set of iPads. Teachers print out a set of cards. On each numbered card, there is a graphic that resembles a QR code. The teacher asks a question and the students turn their card so that their answer choice is at the top of the graphic. Holding it up for the teacher to scan, the teacher opens the Plickers app and “scans” the cards. Since the cards are assigned by number, answers populate on the teacher’s device. This could be used in Multiple Choice and True/False type questioning. Additionally, it adds a technology component where it previously looked hopeless.


1 device in the teacher’s hands, real-time data from responses, Fast, easy setup and use. Great for teachers who are new at adding technology into their instruction. Student Participation and Data Tracking. Student could use the same card all year.


Cards must be printed and laminated to get plenty of use, however you can always print a new card for free.