Candice Karas

Instructional Technologist at CISD


I’m a teacher in Texas who loves learning, creativity, innovation, EdTech, and a good book.

I teach ages: 1 to 22


March 20, 2017

The possibilities with this tool are fantastic: create an unlimited number of free online flyers with embedded media, adjust privacy settings to fit your needs, students don’t need a login in order to create a flyer (and there are tons of login options if you DO want students to have an account!), the teacher can create templates for students to use, “tackkboards” utilize a hashtag and allow students to turn work into one place, etc.

However, I’ve been struggling with tons of error messages from Tackk in the past 6-8 months. I’ve tried contacting customer support via email, their helpdesk, and their Twitter account. I never receive an answer. That makes me nervous to recommend this tool to a teacher — particularly one who is technology-shy — because I never know when it is going to be down or for how long.