Mr. Justin Mann

Teacher and Co Founder of Geddit


Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I moved to California to co-found Geddit, an app that lets students check in with their teacher to privately communicate confidence.

I teach ages: 12 to 16


December 11, 2013

This app is fantastic! So much thought has gone into the design which will keep your children engaged while they move through the levels! Highly recommend it!

November 25, 2013

So many good resources are still on paper. This is a very hand tool to quickly scan them at your desk and then email them to yourself, your colleague or the students. I really like it. I’ve also asked students to use it to digitally submit work done by hand.

November 25, 2013

An absolute must have for the modern day lesson! If you flipping, thinking about blending or maybe you just like to play engaging videos in class…this is the tool to do all those things! It’s simple, easy to use and yet incredibly powerful! :)