Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Instructional Technologist, Instructor at CSU Channel Islands, Mt. San Jacinto College


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I teach ages: 18 to 22+


July 7, 2014

Canva has changed my life. I am a college instructor and an instructional technologist at a university. I use Canva to design title slides for my presenations, banners for my online courses, and eye catching graphics for just about anything I put online. Any day, any time — Canva is open in my browser. With Canva you can design social media banners too.

Canva has ample free icons, infographic elements, photos, backgrounds, and more in their free visual resource database for you to use in your own designs. You have the option to add in premium elements at $1 each (which I have only done a few times).

You have the option to download your finished designs as a high quality .png file (for web) or a PDF file if you need it for print quality, at no cost. Or grab a link to your image and share it that way.

July 7, 2014

I have used MoveNote to create tutorials for faculty. Faculty have taken to it like wildfire – they love how easy it is to record a video screencast that looks beautiful. Faculty at my institution are also having students use MoveNote to present and share projects and students are replying to each others’ MoveNotes online with the video reply feature.

Videos hosted on MoveNote.com are essentially shared as “unlisted” (available to those who have the link) — important share this with students if they create content.

One correction about the above review: There is a free version of MoveNote available (at the time of this writing) and the app is free for educators.

July 7, 2014

Michael has written a great review of Haiku Deck. I would add that users have the option also to export a Haiku Deck into a PowerPoint file (which can also be opened in Keynote). This allows you to use Haiku Deck to enhance and beautiful a PPT or Keynote presentation too. I love this app so much and it has really inspired a new design look for all the slides I create. The Flickr integration with Creative Commons image search is killer — I totally agree!