Ms. Christina Moore

High school Math/Science Teacher at Vanguard High School


A super nice member!

I teach: Math and Science

To ages: 14 to 21


May 17, 2016

I used this in college for presentation, during my internship, and . I feel that it was beneficial to help keep me on track and helped me make sure I was asking all the questions I wanted and getting frequent feedback. It helps break up boring presentations. I liked how I was able to get information from those students who don’t usually contribute during class discussions. I use the teacher screen on a tablet so I can walk around the classroom. I create a student account for the front screen, so I can see what the students see. When I don’t want to let them use computers or devices, I’ve still used this same method of having the projection be a student profile so the students can interact with the presentation. I love the drawing option (which also allows students to take pictures and send it which is helpful). I also love to be able to choose good responses to show students. They really enjoy seeing their information presented. I like the feature that lets you know when students are off the sight, but I found it works best if they are in the app. Otherwise, it only works if they close their browser which is not necessary to do if you wish to visit and do other things. They can still text back on iphones if they get notifications without it showing they are off the sight. I like the option of pre-made presentations. They include several instructional presentations to help you learn the program as well.